Senin, 02 Maret 2015

Opening Celebration Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

     So HEY PEOPLE! How's life?

     Last Thursday, I went to JCC to attended this event. I'm so excited when I got the invitation from my friend, DEA. Thankyou sweety :) Since my sister came from Korea, she wanted to join me. But the problem is, we should wear batik as fashionable as possible to be our dress code. I was really confused and lack of idea. Then, I toke all of my mother's batik fabric and my choice is the white one. I used few pins to make it wearable. Then, I mixed it with my black baggy pants and mom's old school belt. This belt was bought a long time ago but the leather still in a very good condition, I love it anyway.

shoes - forever 21
baggy pants & clutch - unlabeled

Belt - Guy Laroche Paris

 My sissy <3

Becky Tumewu as the MC 

And the most awaited part came, the fashion show! 
These are my favorite outfit : 

I'm dying for the outer 

omg the heels & head piece are perfecto! love them

I met my blogger friend, Kak Ravi for the first time